November: Snow, slush and rain

Snow on the roof windows is getting deeper!
Snow on the roof windows is getting deeper!

And no power. Typical! I imagine most of the peninsula is out, the snow is so heavy and wet the trees are bent over and covered. And we are having 30 mph wind gusts. If we get sleet on top of all this, I can only imagine how long it will be to get the power back on.

Fairyland out there!
Fairyland out there!

Well, nothing to do about it. Just hunker down and enjoy the view. I am grateful for the generator that runs some of the house, most importantly the water and heat. I am going to try and get a knitting project started that is a holiday gift for a friend. Sounds about the coziest thing to do. I had oven-roasted vegetables on the menu for tonight, but instead I think I will get some lamb shanks going on the stove a little later. Thank goodness for the gas stovetop! (Our oven is electric, and even our heavy-duty generator won’t run that!)



5 thoughts on “November: Snow, slush and rain”

  1. oh my! Stay warm! I’m sure your animals are snuggling up against each other in that weather. Texas is sunny and warm today. Don’t hate me. 🙂

  2. It’s okay! We manage. Our animal shelters are pretty rugged, but the goats have good windbreaks, and they grow heavy winter coats.

  3. Even though it is November it caught us with our pants down. We still need to move pigs and chickens closer to the water source for the winter. We did get the barn buttoned up this afternoon after butchering over 20 of our chickens. I hope your power is back soon.

  4. Thanks! I hope that our power goes back on soon, but the whole peninsula still appears to be out. Round Pond was totally cut off last night from any direction, except maybe by ocean! 24 hours now, but we probably are not a priority. Glad to hear that you got some of your butchering done. That’s always a relief, and great to have good food in the freezer.

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