Still no power

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But I know that our little peninsula is not a priority when there are over 26,000 people without power just in our little Lincoln County. We were definitely not ready for this one, and I am feeling relieved that the temps are supposed to go up close to 60F by Wednesday.

With the weight of the snow and 50 mph winds, we had a bunch of close-calls here on the farm. A huge limb of a maple came down within a few inches of the pigeon loft, and a huge white pine uprooted itself and fell into the driveway, totally missing the buck’s paddock fences. When I went out this morning to feed the goats, I got a moment of panic: there were lots of footprints in the driveway, but they turned out to be deer tracks! Phew. Don’t need goats loose in the ice and the snow.

My iPhone photos are not fantastic, but I will share some here. We are now getting ready to start chopping up the trees in the driveway.  We can’t get out until those trees are moved! And our son, who only lives less than a mile away, is trapped behind trees down on the connecting road. Here we go. I can hardly wait.


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