That went quickly

Gentle Sunday skies
Gentle Sunday skies

It’s Sunday night again. We have power tonight, as opposed to last weekend, but it is the end of the weekend as well. Oh dear, didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped, but we did make some progress on a few things.

Bucket of rocks
Bucket of rocks

I was mostly moving rocks for the better part of the end of the afternoon. Nothing glamorous about that, but it had to be done. Some of our cattle panels in the paddocks lean outward, because the green t-posts that are holding them up are sitting on ledge. Granite. So they droop. Someone we know who used to raise sheep not far from here used tall spirals of wire that she filled with rocks, as a support for the t-posts. I have made a few of these before, with very unsatisfactory results (because I used chicken wire for the baskets, and they all broke and exploded their rocks everywhere).

Half a rock pillar support!
Half a rock pillar support!

So this time I used different wire, tried to fashion a little bit of a bottom, and then went about filling it. My grandson and I have been making a small pile of good sized rocks since last spring, and today I used them. But they were about 2 acres away from where I needed them, so I got the black rubber bucket, and shuttled away. Where are those grandkids when you need help???

Milking greenhouse. Empty!
Milking greenhouse. Empty!

The other thing I worked on was getting the milking greenhouse cleared out. I am moving things around and am going to try and use that as part of the girl goats’ shelter this winter. Maybe with an eye to using it for kidding in the springtime.

Otherwise, John and our son and grandson worked on electrical things in the pigeon loft. It was a busy day, and I was glad of the hot bath and pot roast out of the crock pot tonight. I think it is going to be an early night!


2 thoughts on “That went quickly”

  1. She is doing fairly well, but she went off her food for almost 3 days after she had her heartworm pill. I don’t know if it’s worth keeping up with that right now, particularly since it’s the winter now. We have to have another visit with the vet on Saturday, so I guess we shall see then. Thanks so much for asking!

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