Mid-November already

Yesterday morning
Yesterday, early morning

Midweek holidays don’t come around very often, now that most of them have been moved to Mondays, and Veteran’s Day felt like a real treat yesterday. I began fairly early, and got out to pen and worm the goatie girls. Sometimes that’s a bruising activity, but things went pretty smoothly. (Strong necks and heads don’t always want to cooperate with a dosing syringe full of stuff that doesn’t taste so nice! And if they put their heads down and hold them there, it’s almost impossible to dose them. Their other trick is going air born, of course!).

Felt more like spring yesterday afternoon
Felt more like spring yesterday afternoon

My husband and I did have a lot of errands to run, but it was a pleasure to be out and about on such a beautiful day. Even though we were busy, it was a fun and relaxing day. Sleeping in until 5:30 yesterday morning was a real pleasure as well, and the weather cooperated and was extremely mild.  But the real treat in the afternoon: ice cream for lunch! One of our favorite ice cream places in Thomaston, Dorman’s Dairy Dream, just happened to be open :*)

Still warm today, but it won’t be for much longer. Actually, they are talking about a significant cool-down tonight, and cold and snowy for Friday morning.

So glad that John had the forethought to get my snow tires on today!



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