Baby Iris, one of Zelda's girls. April 2014
Baby Iris, one of Zelda’s girls. April 2014

So it finally worked out. Long range planning for the farm means that we cannot keep all the beautiful babies that are born here each year. I hate having to make the decision about who is to go, but it needs to be done or we would be overrun with goats!

Elf's girl
Elf’s girl

I had advertised the two doelings that I needed to move along over the summer a few times, without any response. And then a few weeks ago we were contacted by someone from the Bangor area about wanting two LaMancha does. We spoke and emailed for quite a few days, and came to an agreement about them. Being as she lives almost 3 hours from here, we decided to meet in Belfast. About an hour and a half drive for each of us. Saturday was the day, and into my new-ish Subaru they went. Iris is a very calm and friendly doe, Elf’s girl is a little more nervous about people, so I was a little concerned about keeping the trip low-key, and as laid-back as possible.

It was a gorgeous but extremely cold day, and everything went like clockwork. As soon as I started up the car the girls lay down, and we took it easy up the coast and into the Reny’s giant parking lot in Belfast. The wind was brutal there, but we made the switch and the girls settled into a large dog crate in the back of their van, and off they went.

Elf is now left without her baby, and I really thought that we would have a few rough nights. She bellowed piteously for an hour or two, and since then has been okay. And now we are having the cold rains, so two less bodies in the greenhouse is probably a good thing, more room in the straw for everyone else.

It’s just about time to get the breeding started. Next weekend I am hoping to have a pen set up that I can segregate for the little love birds :*)


2 thoughts on “Doelings”

  1. It is always SO nice when things work out. We had a similar situation with two ewe lambs here… We got an e-mail in the nick of time. They go to their new home in December, down near West Friendship MD!

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