Warm and sunny Sunday

New paddock fence line
New paddock fence line

What a pleasant day! 50 F and sunny! I don’t know if we will be getting any more like this, so I had to make the most of it. We were stopped short from replacing the tarp on one of the livestock greenhouses, but we have a definite plan in place and I got a lot of other stuff accomplished. I had to move the outside cattle and green panels on the doe’s paddock so they would have access to the milking greenhouse for extra shelter. It took a lot of bending and hauling, and I am seriously exhausted and sore tonight!

SnowPea and Bagels the Buck taking a little break
SnowPea and Bagels the Buck taking a little break

A bright part of the day, beside how beautiful it was, is that SnowPea was in heat this morning. Since I do not have the breeding pen set up yet, I decided to help love along and I got Bagels on a leash and locked him up with SnowPea in our little catch-pen. They definitely had a good time, and when Bagels began showing more interest in the young one outside the pen who is also in heat, I thought it was enough. He is back in with the other boys, and all the girls are tucked up on their side.

So it was a good day’s work. And if SnowPea was truly bred today, we should be having baby goaties on Wednesday, April 22nd next year. Wow.


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