All tarped up on Thanksgiving

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Just in time, too. Our greenhouse covers are pretty torn up, most on their last legs. I have been planning to use the milking greenhouse as the girl’s shelter for the winter, and we have a heavy-duty tarp on order, but it won’t be in until next week. We had another one, not even close to the right size, so yesterday, just ahead of the heavy snow, we got it on as best we could.

Living on the coast, we usually don’t get the same amount of snow that inland gets, but this time we did. A foot of heavy, wet stuff. I am really relieved that we got that tarp on when we did. The does and bucks definitely appreciated it. They were hanging out there this morning when I got out for chores, and this afternoon as well. When the snow is dry and the ground is frozen, frequently the girls will hang out on the hill, but in the heavy wet stuff, it’s no fun. Having a dry spot to go into is a definite plus. Their other greenhouse is a half-shelter which does the job, but they seem to prefer this one to that.

Because of the storm, we lost power yesterday afternoon for a few hours. Power came back on after that, so we turned the generator off and went about our business. I was reading in bed last night and around 9 PM the lights went out. Well, I just called it good and went to sleep. We didn’t get our power back until today around 3 PM. Needless to say, we did not have our Thanksgiving meal! We are going to plan on that for tomorrow, and this way our grandson will be able to join us. So it all works out in the end. Thanksgiving a day late is okay!


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