Another week, still bad weather


Icy rain.  It's disgusting.
Icy rain. It’s disgusting.

It just has not gotten much better. We are having driving rain and sleet on top of a week of below freezing temps. Yay. Just what we need!

I have been fighting off a cold, and have been lying very low since last Friday. Work, chores, and bed. That’s been about it for the past 4 or 5 days. The goats are hunkering down in the greenhouses, and we are just trying to manage the elements. Yuck!!!

Today things warmed up a bit, so the ice is slowly receding, but it’s just a damp, cold, drippy mess. On the upside, Pippi looks like she is in heat, although probably just the very beginning. I tried matching her up with Beige Boy this afternoon, but it was a struggle. She may be more receptive tomorrow. Hope it isn’t pouring rain when I get home from work. I love handling wet, randy male goats. They smell so delightful!


4 thoughts on “Another week, still bad weather”

  1. I wish I could do smell-a-vision! Male goat at rutting time is almost indescribable! Our chihuahua went nuts last night even after I washed my hands two or three times!

  2. Three of our goats were found in the duck house this morning. They are normally always outside, hearty as can be. Windy sideways rain drove them in, poor things.

  3. Our goats stay outside most days as well. They get a thick and furry coat. We only have open-ended greenhouses, so they get plenty of fresh air!

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