Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day afternoon
Christmas Day afternoon

I got to do chores without being wrapped up in foul weather gear this afternoon! We must have had at least 3″ of rain in the past 36 hours. At times I wondered if it was ever going to end. I was beginning to feel moldy around the edges, and a little grumpy into the bargain! But Marigold the Marvelous goat and I sat out on the big rock this afternoon and watched the clouds crank past as the sun was setting. The only perk of the week is that it has been so warm I have not had to crack ice in the boys’ water trough :*)

Marigold the Marvelous goat inspecting my vest
Marigold the Marvelous goat inspecting my vest

After all the hubbub of today, when the kids left I woke myself up snoring on the sofa and noticed my husband was doing the same thing in the recliner (I had been reading, really!). We aren’t used to this much excitement. It was wonderful having them all here, but I am glad we do a brunch, and then they rush off to another place to continue celebrating and we can relax into the quiet of the day. Lovely!

The finished tree
The finished tree

I finished decorating out little tree on Tuesday while the rain was battering the house. I had not found many of the handmade ornaments the kids have done over the years, but I hit the motherlode the other day and was able to bring those down. I guess we will enjoy the tree and the lights for another few days, and then time to pack it all away again.

I hope everyone has had a peaceful and relaxing holiday! I still have some amazing vacation time to enjoy and then, next stop: New Year.


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