Holiday chaos

Woodstove tile pad
Woodstove tile pad, ready and waiting

Mostly it’s in a good way! We have spent the last two weeks very close to home, with lots of good friends and family. Alongside the holidays, we had our grandson for a few overnights so we could have some fun time together. (We are reading Paddington the Bear to get ready for the movie when it comes out in 2 weeks). We also did lots of cooking and baking together which was fun.

Disruption and disorder.
Disruption and disorder.

In the midst of getting ready for the holidays and then celebrating them, we have also been getting ready for the installation of a wood stove in the living room. Which meant that everything in the living room and dining room was pushed around, and the whole thing has had me off-kilter for weeks. I think I have finally gotten things moved around a bit so I don’t feel like I am tripping over myself, and it needed to be done, really, anyway!

Stove top with no drawers underneath
Stove top with no drawers underneath

The icing on the mess cake, however, was that John was also trying to fix the drawers under our range top that hold all our pots and pans (the whole cabinet has spread at the back, so the drawers were falling off their tracks). As a result, the 2 large drawers were standing empty in the corner of the living room (yes, more stuff in the living room), and the pots, pans, etc., were stacked in every corner of the kitchen, most of them on the floor. There may have been a little more wine imbibed than usual while we were celebrating and fixing, everywhere. Ugh.

And they are finally fixed!
And they are finally fixed!

As of yesterday, the drawers are now happily back in their slots, full of clean pots and pans. The tree is gone, the living room is mostly re-organized, and the floors are vacuumed and washed. The tile pad is finished and waiting for the wood stove, and I am trying very hard to enjoy the last gasp of vacation. I have been spoiled, this was an extra long one, a whole two weeks. Absolutely fabulous :*)


3 thoughts on “Holiday chaos”

  1. What a wonderful feeling, to get things sorted and organized and cleaned and BACK IN THEIR PLACES. A great way to start the new year! It is so stressful to live all higgeldy-piggeldy.

  2. It is nice to see real life pictures! You must feel relaxed and accomplished after that holiday and getting so much done. Happy 2015!

  3. Happy 2015 to you as well! It is nice to have some things back where they belong… now I need to get to the rest, but with school back in session tomorrow, that is doubtful!

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