End of an era

Elf in the foreground. One of my original girls.
Elf in the foreground. One of my original girls.

I had every intention of writing this post early in the week. But it’s been a tough one. The arctic blast has been hitting us this week with minus zero temperatures, and some wind that would stop a truck. And it was the “back to work” week after a very nice vacation. So up a little after 4 a.m. was quite a switch from vacation mode.

But on Monday I had to rush right home so that we could load two of our goats into the back of the Subaru for the trip to the butcher. It was one of the more difficult trips as Elf, one of the first 3 goats that I brought to the farm, was one of the two. And the young male that took the trip with her was actually her baby.

It was quite a low-key deal in the end. We did not have to stress about getting them into the car as they are all quite well-behaved, and all went without incident. We will have some lovely meat to share with friends, and lots of great memories of our Elf. I have been missing her this week, but we have her daughter Zelda (in the background of the photo) and Zelda’s girl Marigold to carry on that line.

And so it goes. Elf will always be a sweet part and memory of our little farm. That’s farming.


3 thoughts on “End of an era”

  1. Oh my, I would not be very good at farming, I have tears in my eyes just reading that post. That sounds so hard to do, after you care for your animals and really get to know them you must find that very difficult and miss them. That is farming, and they had a good life, which is very important.

  2. It’s always the older ones that I have difficulty with, as do most small farmers. The lambs and the kids have not been around long enough to really get attached to, but the does and ewes that have served us so well by making those babies do become a part of the family!

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