More holiday cheer

My 30" 1996 Jensen Production wheel next to my 2005 Tina II wheel
My 30″ 1996 Jensen Production wheel next to my 2005 Tina II wheel

My husband and I do not usually give each other gifts at Christmas. We tend to plan for and get what we need as the year goes along.

Last October I invested in some really wonderful pigeons for John to add to his loft.  So he decided that he wanted to do something special for me. I have two Jensen spinning wheels, a 30″ production wheel, as well as a Tina II smaller wheel. (I take the Tina with me everywhere, and of course the big wheel stays home for other projects). For a number of years now I have wanted to get some fast whorls for the wheels as I have been spinning a greater variety of fibers recently, and some of them are finer, necessitating faster spinning speeds.

Whorls, bobbins and new flyer
Whorls, bobbins and new flyer

Getting a high speed kit was not as simple as ordering one online because of the age of the wheels. I was able to email and speak with both Jerry and his lovely wife Audrey on a number of occasions, and we finally got a plan together. I received the parts last week and am now in the process of oiling them before I get to try them out. But I am close!

So this holiday was a little different than most, but it’s been a good one. I am psyched to get going with my new Jensen whorls. I have a stash of some cashmere, silk, and some combination fibers that I am dying to try out.

I need to put some WoodBeams on the parts next, and after buffing I will be able to give it a go. Maybe as soon as this weekend :*)  More to come on that!


6 thoughts on “More holiday cheer”

  1. I tried spinning once at a fiber dyeing retreat in Wyoming several years ago. It was frustrating and I cussed a lot. I hope to try again at some point. I still have some beautiful roving upstairs, hand dyed in fall colors. Good luck with your new equipment!

  2. Thanks! I love to spin more than I love to use the product of that spinning. It’s a very relaxing experience once you get the hang of it :*) I hope you are able to give it another try some day!

  3. The Jensen’s are lovely people and make lovely wheels too. I am also enjoying my fast whorls on my Tina II which is appropriately named Audrey, although I get even more use out of his slow whorl. Its all fun!

  4. It really is! My “usual” spinning makes use of the slower whorls because we raised the Coopworth and Border Leicester sheep and have lots of lovely stuff left from them. But I know I am going to love the high speeds as well!

  5. How did you find contact info for Jerry Jensen? I have one of his spinning wheels, built in 1992 and signed by him, that I would like to sell, but I cannot remember details to describe the wheel. I have photos. I need help describing it. I haven’t used it in many, many years…and have forgotten the details.

  6. Hi Elly,
    I believe that I spoke to the woman who owns the shop I bought it through, she contacted the Jensens, and then they contacted me. You might get some help on the ‘Jensen Junkies’ group on Ravelry to describe the wheel. If you look at Bountiful’s website, you can get the description of the whorls and their ratios that the wheel would have come with. It would also show you the models that he makes. I hope that helps!

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