Hole in the roof

Staging for the big stove installation
Staging for the big stove installation

I got home late this afternoon to a hole in the roof.  The installer finally came to begin putting in the woodstove. It’s kind of complicated in that we need to have the stove pipe go up two stories inside the house and then exit through the roof. My husband said that it took them quite awhile to get the staging set up, they got the stove onto the tile pad, and then they did the exit pipe through the roof.

Hole in the roof.  Always wanted to say that!
Hole in the roof. Always wanted to say that! (Not really)

John was outside helping a friend with something, and the workmen left, telling him they would see us in the morning. I came home and admired the progress and asked what was blocking the hole in the roof for the night. Hmm, no one had really thought about that. John is talking about stuffing it with a towel, but I am not anxious for him to climb that staging. We may just have to put up with the drafts for the night.

Hope the morning comes quickly and they get this job done. My arthritis is looking forward to that lovely wood heat!


6 thoughts on “Hole in the roof”

  1. Surprised they would do that to you, leaving the hole in the roof! No tarp???

    We are waiting for the warranty to expire on our roof before we have a wood stove put in. 3 years to go… You will have to let us know what brand of stove you bought and how you like it.

  2. Luckily, no! And before we went to bed my husband went up onto the staging and shoved a bath towel up the pipe. Probably a good thing… this morning it was 8F!

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