Winter quiet

Usual view of the big birch tree
Usual view of the big birch tree

It is definitely more of a storm than we expected earlier in the week. Luckily, the prediction that it would be heavy, wet stuff, was incorrect. It’s light and fluffy and I was able to just kick my way through it to get up the driveway and do chores.

Very peaceful out there this evening. Winter quiet. Snow quiet. Holidays are over quiet.

I love the winter. Tourist season is over for us on the Maine coast, the sidewalks roll up pretty early in town, and we have some time to relax and enjoy some laid-back visits with friends. Last night a few ladies came over and we shared some wine and wonderful food. (Caponata, a lovely blood orange and greens salad, a mushroom/marsala/pasta bake, and chocolate mousse with raspberries! Quintuple yum!).

Time to put some beans in to soak overnight and get some meats out of the freezers so I can throw together a mess of chili in the morning. It’s that kind of weekend. Lovely, relaxing.



6 thoughts on “Winter quiet”

  1. That’s great! It sounds like we are going to get hit with a Northeaster in a few days, delivering a foot of snow. I guess winter is definitely here!

  2. I left Vacationland and moved to another summer tourist spot. No snow here though. Never thought I would miss it so much. Your picture is a view I grew up with…a color picture of black and white! I love that this late in the winter you are not whining about it, but instead embracing it’s beauty and quiet. Hope this weeks storms don’t hit you too hard. Melissa Xx

  3. Thanks, Melissa! Every day I can’t believe how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place (we are transplants from the NJ/NY area, which is beautiful in its own way), and that we have a lovely, well-built house to keep us warm! The only thing I worry about are my goaties. They are a pretty hardy bunch, however!

    I can understand your nostalgia for Maine, but, my gosh! What an amazing place you call home now!

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