It’s all very deceptive

The snow never ends...
The snow never ends…

And white. Yesterday the newest storm began, early in the dark hours. It’s been a slow-moving one and has not ended up being as bad as predicted, as folks in southern Maine are getting the brunt of it. Even so, the roads have been bad and we had a 2 hour delay to school this morning. I am glad, it definitely helped.


Snow is so high we can't see out the library windows!
Snow is so high we can’t see out the library windows!

I am not sure that I can imagine living in a very flat, cold, white landscape like the tundra. Whiteness everywhere, unbroken by trees or any change in the landscape. I think we are lucky to have the trees and the hills here. And the salt water. Even if right now we cannot see out of our windows due to the snow and the drifting. We can navigate by the woods and the tree lines, and a mile down the road is the ocean. It’s all good, even if it is not spring yet!



2 thoughts on “It’s all very deceptive”

  1. Wow – that is deep snow! We had the other type of storm here today, called a “Pineapple Express” on this side of the continent. Warmish temperatures in the 50s, high winds and driving rain. We lost power for 5 hrs when a tree went down on a power line out towards Cascadia.

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