Wicked lucky

Snow cave central.  Can barely see the fences anymore.
Snow cave central. Can barely see the fences anymore.

The latter part of this past week we were prepping for the next Big Blizzard, due to hit us yesterday and into today. But the midcoast area of Maine got incredibly lucky this time. I think if we got 3″ that’s about it. Phew! Dodged a 20-30″ forecast. Unfortunately, the Boston area, southern Maine, and way Downeast Maine did get the full blow. It’s the only big storm that has missed us this winter and I am as grateful as I can be.

Cozy inside
Cozy inside

We are, however, still getting the blizzard-force winds, and the wind chill is as cold as I have felt it this winter season. Instant headache at chore time, even with my face covered. Just simply brutal.

The goats are in a greenhouse that is not fully closed up, but the snow banks are so high, and the snow is covering the structure so completely, that they are in their own little snow cave. I sat down in there with my girls this morning and it was very pleasant, in spite of the howling winds. As much as I am groaning over trying to keep the shoveling up to date, all the snow has been a blessing in disguise (or so I am going to consider it, anyhow!). The ventilation up at the top of the greenhouse is also helping to keep the shelter free of toxic ammonia build-up as well, which is much healthier for the goaties.

Sunset in the snowy bluster
Sunset in the snowy bluster

One more thing to be grateful for: first kids aren’t due until April 22nd!!! It’s got to be warmer by then, although I am having a great deal of trouble imagining it!


2 thoughts on “Wicked lucky”

  1. Glad that storm did not hit you as hard as expected. The description of the high winds and severe wind chill brings back memories. I visited Bar Harbor in winter, once. I still remember what that felt like!

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