Knitting, digging in the dirt and roasted veggies

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I have been dreaming of those early days of spring when there is still a serious nip in the air, the breezes are still a little wintery even, it’s not yet mud season but the ground is bare. And you can smell the dirt and the growing things thinking about coming out and reaching for the sun. I know we are getting close, but the sun is teasing us today and I have that spring fever thing starting to rear its noisy head.

It’s school vacation and I have been taking things a little easier than usual, but I have also been on a roll trying to get a few things taken care of as well. It’s still really cold outside (17F today), and no, I can’t dig in the dirt yet out there (can’t even see it for all the feet of that white stuff!), but I have been doing some inside gardening. Little stuff, transplanting and dividing up some of my African violets and Christmas cactus. I am also having a lovely time trying to decide how to plant (and also into what) the 3 baby succulents a friend gave me for my birthday. They are adorable! Even if my hands are not totally covered with dirt, at least I have my fingers in it today. It feels marvelous.

I have also been working hard to get my latest knitting project finished. And finally it is! My second Hitchhiker shawlette. Very colorful and light weight yet warm, I knit it from Schoppel-Wolle’s Crazy Zauberball, colorway Frische Fische. Love it!

More color in the day came from roasted veggies, my favorites, beets!  Chioggias. Yum! I think it’s time for some goat cheese. But wait, the power just went out. Gotta love it! Glad my beets are out of the oven…

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