Relief weather moves in

Boys on the snow hill!
Boys on the snow hill!

Amazing days! I am seeing patches of hay on the ground that have not been visible in months :*)  I am beginning to think we might see a few patches of gravel driveway by the end of the day tomorrow as well. What a relief!

The goats are enjoying being out of their little greenhouse/snow cave during the day, and at some point very soon their little hooves should be touching the ground, not standing in snow. Phew!

Between Daylight Savings time and the deliciously warm temperatures, I am doing the Happy Dance of Spring. I am also very glad to be feeling better and back to work this week. It’s time! If we hit 50F tomorrow as advertised, it will be an afternoon for celebration. Definitely.


5 thoughts on “Relief weather moves in”

  1. It became overcast here today and we are hopefully getting rain tonight. The Oregon agricultural forecast for 2015 is for another summer like last one – hot and very, very dry. It was 74 here yesterday, and 60 here today with the clouds.

  2. We’re doing a Happy Dance of Spring over here in England too. Doesn’t it make life seem better? And we don’t even have snow to contend with.

  3. The warming really does make it all feel better. Although poor Lavinia with the dry, dry weather. Hope you don’t suffer from wildfires with all that heat and dryness.

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