Now, that’s better!

(Today and the driveway awhile back). We can finally see the driveway! It was beginning to feel like it would never happen. We got a bit of mushy snow on Sunday, but nothing very serious. Then yesterday, late in the afternoon, the temperature plummeted and the winds whipped in and kept going. This morning saw 14F around choretime at 5 a.m., and this afternoon it hit 40F. And the sun felt amazing!

Morning moon
Morning moon

I know that we are on the upswing now, I am enjoying the early mornings doing chores since the time change: lots of dark sky and stars, the big dipper very visible in the sky above the trees that ring our paddocks. And by the end of the day, warm sun, melting snow, and lots of afternoon daylight.

Snow is finally letting go in the paddocks
Snow is finally letting go in the paddocks

I will be cursing the mud soon, but right now it sounds lovelier than anything. We still have some colder nights to go in the next week, but any day it hits 30F is a winner in my book. The goaties, Jingle the Donkey, Zorro the Llama and I are giving it a big old thumbs-up! Spring is coming for sure.


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