That’s not better!

Yesterday's dawn light
Yesterday’s dawn light

We are back in the throes of winter, with gale force winds and temperatures closing in on the single digits tonight. Sigh. The wind was so gusty last night it kept startling me into sitting up to see what was happening. This morning the news reported spectacular Northern Lights for last night, which we missed (we are usually in bed by 9). Solar flare, I believe. I am sorry to have missed that, but yesterday morning the dawn sky was blazing and had me transfixed.

Now if the Northern Lights would just be visible early in the morning right about choretime, I wouldn’t miss a trick!


4 thoughts on “That’s not better!”

  1. Sorry to hear Old Man Winter is not done with you yet! Hang in there. Spring will come! We have been having weather in the 60s this week, almost 70 today. Anyone with fruit trees or vines, though, is apprehensive. Blossoms are about a month ahead of schedule, and a spring frost could hit us hard.

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