One of these things is not like the other

Hmmm.  Just who is that at the feeder???
Hmmm. Just who is that at the feeder??? (Black and white with his back to us…).  Marigold is not impressed!

I can’t believe it has taken one of the bucks all winter to realize that the doorway to Nirvana, (aka being with the girls), was open all the time.

He figured it out about 36 hours ago. Henry, our almost-year-old-buckling, realized that the window was open to the girls’ side of the paddocks, and he could get through! I found him in there two nights ago, but by the end of chore time he had gone back in with Bagels and Jingle the Donkey. But alas, the next morning he was in with the girls, waiting for the grain (the boys only get grained once a day in the afternoon, but the girls get grain both morning and afternoon).

OMG it's a boy!!! Henri, the black and white buck.  What a hunk!
OMG it’s a boy!!! Henry, the black and white buck. What a hunk!

And so it has gone. He comes in, he goes out, he comes in, he goes out. John has to make me a block on the end of the greenhouse where the snow is so high (and now so icy and stable) that he can just jump right in. He has a bell on his collar and a very distinctive bleat. Before I even got up the driveway this morning I could hear him, and he wasn’t as close as usual, in the boy pen.

Ah well, this too shall pass and we will be back to boys on one side and girls on the other. It’s raining tonight, so I am hopeful that the snow and ice will be departing soon, leaving no jumping off spot for Henry to help himself to the girls’ encampment. It’s all good… none of the girls are in heat right now! (And he comes in for a pummeling by SnowPea and Pippi, the herd queens!)


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