Weekend goodness

The gates are open!
The gates are open!

It’s been a good one. Pigeon flying friends of ours have returned from a winter in Florida, and we also had a chance to spend some time with our grandson. The weather was okay, but the wind is still hitting us pretty hard with  some icy temps. But on the positive side, the snow is retreating at a very nice pace, and we can finally open most of our gates in both directions (when I shoveled, I got at least one side open well, but didn’t always get both going. It’s an age thing, I think. Turning 61 didn’t help my shoveling skills).

Beezus and Zorro the Llama are enjoying the sun
Beezus and Zorro the Llama are enjoying the sun

On Friday we had a new vet visit us to take a look at the bucks. I had a suspicion that Bagels the Buck had some mites as he has an itchy issue, and his scrotum looks a little funny. Kind of leathery and hairless at the bottom, almost looking like it might be frostbitten. The vet was very lovely, took some skin samples and let us know that it’s very difficult to read for mites. But in her opinion, they are probably suffering from it.

As the world turns, of course I presumed that we had the mites. So we are going to have to treat for them. The vet saw some evidence of the little buggers, and we need to just get on top of this asap. But in the meantime, we have had a great weekend with the family. And the pigeons are coming along as well. More on that in the next few days!

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