On the run

Waiting for dinner
Waiting for dinner

And I am loving it! Less snow every day is a real blessing. I don’t know how long it will take to get clear ground back, but I am cheering for it in a big way.

We had to go for some hay today, and those bales definitely hurt (compressed Canadian hay, 2nd cut, 60-75 pounders). But we need to stockpile some as the season is coming to an end and I don’t know when the local folk will be able to start making hay. Probably July, the way things are going. And to top it off, John is having hand surgery next Tuesday, so we need to have things in order before then as I will have no help for awhile.

Moonrise over the remaining snow

The day was beautiful, and we were able to take it easy and unload fairly leisurely. And, I was finally able to get Henry back into the boys’ side of the paddocks. I fixed up the gap in the fence last evening and am hoping that he does not find another chink in the setup.

A lovely end to a lovely day
A lovely end to a lovely day

And so it goes. The twilight was spectacular tonight as I was hauling water. Another day closer to the warmer weather!

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