Happy Spring holidays, and taxes

The girls are quite serious about their breakfast!
The girls are quite serious about their breakfast! (You can see SnowPea on the right, with her baby bump on the right and her rumen on the left. She looks a tad uneven!

Passover and Easter, it’s all good. We had friends over for dinner last night and enjoyed the evening. Yesterday was such a nasty, cold and wet day that it was lovely to tuck up and have a jolly chat about pigeons and the racing season to come!

Pippi is looking pensive!
Pippi is looking pensive!

Today turned out to be quite beautiful, if a little on the cool side. 16F this morning, and then as the day wore on, it turned quite breezy. I did some extra outdoors work this morning, and then after having a lovely breakfast with John’s wonderful Semolina bread and some fresh mozzarella, I got down to the annual evil adventure with taxes (I just pull all the info, I have someone else do the rest!). But it was enough to send me into a tizz-whizz when I thought I could not put my hand on one of my check registers. Eee gads! It was right where it was supposed to be, but a little disguised. Definitely not my favorite job!

And so the day went. Lovely daylight all around us, sun and clouds filling the afternoon alternately. We ended up taking a ride down to Freeport to LL Bean early this evening. My most prized chore tool, my headlamp, had crapped out this past week. There may be a short in it somewhere, as I would be doing chores and all of a sudden it would flicker once or twice and then go out… bring it in, plug it in, recharge, and it would look okay while sitting on the table. But when moving, not so good. I got an even stronger light, however, 215 Lumens!, And now am charging it. I can hardly wait to see how it lights up my mornings. It’s really the little things that can make my day.

Tomorrow is the final get-ready day for my husband’s hand surgery. He has Dupuytron’s Contracture, and his left hand was fixed a year ago, the right hand to be fixed on Tuesday. He is a leftie, so I am hoping this convalescence won’t be quite as bad as last year’s. We are hopeful, and looking forward to him being able to open his hand more normally again (some of his fingers are permanently tight up against his palm and he had a terrible time this past winter even getting extra-extra large mittens on his right hand). We are both ready for the Big Fix!

And so it goes. Spring is really almost in the air up here, and it’s only 3 weeks away from our first goat kids of the year. I can feel the warm trying to push the cold away. Not quite yet, though.

2 thoughts on “Happy Spring holidays, and taxes”

  1. Good luck to your husband on his surgery tomorrow. We will be thinking of you both, and wishing him a speedy recovery.

    Good to see Pippi!

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