Post-surgery Hump Day

John after surgery
John after surgery

So it’s the day after John’s surgery and things are going well. Yesterday was long and exhausting, but he is recuperating and it’s much less painful than the surgery on his left hand was last year. I also think that part of the deal is that he is a Leftie, so with his right hand out of action, it’s not quite as restrictive. Plus, the doctor put a couple of blocking shots in his hand right before the surgery was over, and it’s possible that that has helped things quite a bit.

So we are over the hurdle and now just have to watch for a steady recovery. The cast and dressing gets checked and changed on Friday, so the surgeon will see what’s up then. In the meantime we have a strap hanging over one of the living room beams so that John can keep his arm elevated while in the recliner. When I went back to work today, some friends looked in and not only kept John busy, but also made sure he was doing okay. It was a huge help.

And so it goes! Life is more than frequently interesting :*)


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