Bucky Boys

So Henry the black and white buck, and Bagels the brown buck, put on a nice show for us yesterday. Quite the hungry crew! Jingle is just standing there, patiently waiting, which is a little out of the ordinary. I was hoping she would add to the hungry chorus with her brassy, impatient voice!

It’s a little damp and chilly out there today. But it’s a wonderful beginning of April break as my older son has traveled up from NJ to visit for awhile. What a treat! He has already been a huge help with some things that need doing around here. This morning he helped me get more Ivomec shots into the two bucks, who have a mite problem (although I am hoping that that is on the mend).

Even though rain is predicted for much of our week, it’s such a pleasure to be having some time off. As usual, I have a list of things I would love to get to, most of all: dressing my loom! It may happen, but then again I have so many things I want to get done in the house and up with the goats, who knows?


3 thoughts on “Bucky Boys”

  1. The goats look good! We’ve used Ivermectin here on rescue cats with lungworm. Hadn’t heard of it being used for mites, so that is good to know.

    We’re back in the warm weather here again. 75 yesterday!

  2. Wow, Lavinia, those temps sound wonderful! We use Ivermectin by mouth for regular worming periodically, but the only way to get rid of mites according to the vet is by injecting ivermectin.

    I am extremely happy to see the snow gone! Except that under the spent hay and straw are some dangerous patches of ice that seem to hold out into June sometimes!

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