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Sunny, wonderful afternoon
Sunny, wonderful afternoon

The Peepers have finally found their voices! Last night on my way out to check on SnowPea, their lovely chorus kept me company. I live for peeper song. It’s like the final notice that spring has truly arrived.

I worked on finishing up jug accommodations for our first due goatie girl this afternoon. Taking my time, enjoying the sun. The only negative to the day is the stiff breeze that’s gusting around 10 mph, from the south and east. We usually get winds from the north/northwest, and I have the pen set up with more windbreaks in that direction. Sigh. I will have to push some clean straw into the breaches.

SnowPea, photo taken awhile ago!
SnowPea, photo taken awhile ago!  No grass here yet

While I was working, the girls were eating their dinner, when they weren’t harassing me, that is! SnowPea came into the greenhouse around 5:30 to check it all out, and when she turned around I saw that she had lost her mucous plug. So things are moving along! It’s difficult to tell what it really means, however, as there are years when I don’t even see that part of the birth process, and it can be as little as a matter of hours, or even a day or more until the baby arrivals. So we are on alert tonight. I have my feet up right now and I will go back out and check her at about 8:30.

I am ready for our new little ones and can hardly wait to meet them!


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