RIP Zorro

Zorro and the girls
Zorro and the girls

Our llama.  Our best guard guy.  Died yesterday morning, due to what, I am not sure.  Possibly old age.  He was 16 and was slowing down a bit, but we didn’t see any symptoms in him.

Our Zorro
Our Zorro

I went out yesterday morning to do chores and found Jingle the Donkey on the other side of the fence, bent over with her muzzle to the fence line right where Zorro had fallen over.  And there he was. So my husband got him buried, and we are now without our sweet Zorro the Llama.

RIP Zorro, we will surely and definitely miss you and your sweet ways with the kids, the lambs, and with all of us humans. As well as your awesome skills in keeping the coyotes away.

Many years ago, down in the field (c. 2003)
Many years ago, down in the field (c. 2003)

8 thoughts on “RIP Zorro”

  1. Sorry to hear about old Zorro. His companion Jingle will miss him as well. It seems like older people and animals make it through winter, holding on until spring and beautiful weather, and then let go. My husband’s mother is almost 94 now, and has made it through another winter. She has been really, really tired lately.

  2. Interesting to think of it that way, Lavinia. My mother in law as well. And yes, even though Jingle the Donkey and Zorro were never in the same paddock, I think they were buddies of a kind. And donkeys are so smart, I know she knew what was going on.

  3. I’m so sorry about Zorro. Losing an animal friend is very hard. The other animals seem to somehow realign themselves with the absence of their friend and try to fill the gap left behind, in our home anyway. Perhaps Jingle can take more of the coyote scattering duties.

  4. So sorry to hear about Zorro, he must have been such a presence on the farm and that makes the hole he leaves that much bigger.

  5. Thanks Kris and Kim! He does leave a hole here… we got him about a month after we got our first sheep, 13 years ago. I am hoping that the coyote population is so used to us having some fierce fighters here that they won’t bother. Luckily, the woodlands around us have a lot of food to offer them!

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