The Pippi solution

To all our feeling down about our Zorro.  She went and had her kids early this morning.  I was figuring she wouldn’t be kidding until sometime today, but she loves a good surprise.  Brown/black buckling with a blaze, and a doeling that could be a twin to SnowPea’s Sassafras.  Both of them are good and strong, the doeling is 7 lbs, and the boy is 9.  Wow.  The cuteness quotient has gone up considerably overnight!

Pippi with her little guy
Pippi with her little guy (his tail is tipped with a tiny bit of white!)

Today the temperature soared, and we went for a load of hay. I am still feeling the effects of the workout in the heat. It frequently happens that way, unfortunately.  My older son graciously offered to help with the unloading, which was an enormous help!

This evening our boys took us out for dinner down in New Harbor, where we ate out on the deck of a local restaurant, right on the water.  Heavenly!  Breezes off the ocean, sunlight, and lovely family.  Great end to a busy weekend and a lovely way to spend Mother’s Day!

Our newest  little ones
Our newest little ones

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