Post kidding days

Pippi and her Blu-Koted head bone
Pippi and her Blu-Koted head bone

I have been concerned about Pippi for the last two days.  She hasn’t been eating enough to suit me, post-partum-ly speaking.  So every afternoon I have been giving her vitamin shots, taking her temp, and weighing her babies.  All good.  Babies gaining weight, Pippi doing fine on the whole.  I was on the lookout for mastitis or milk fever, and can’t really come up with anything really wrong with her.  She is symptom-free, except for the food she leaves.  (To give her credit, the blackflies are horrific, it was really hot on Sunday, and she had no freedom of movement out of the jug).

(In the video I forgot to take the bucket away that I had used to weigh the kids!)  Pippi absolutely hates to be penned.  She tore open her head over the bony part where her horns would have been by butting the fence too many times when other goats came around and got too close, stared at her babies, or maybe lusted after the grain she had not eaten.  So I had already wormed her, and this afternoon I let her and the two beautiful babies out.  We shall see what happens!  I think she will be fine, but I am keeping an eye on her.  We don’t want problems, that’s for sure!


2 thoughts on “Post kidding days”

  1. Poor Pippi! I have had feral cats head-butt traps trying to escape, even when covered to keep them calm. They can very quickly make bloody spots needing attention.

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