May days

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We are going back and forth between overcast, dull and grey days and days where the sky is as blue as can be and the temperatures are rising into the high 60s.  It’s always the way,

The one guaranteed thing that goes along with the warmer temperatures:  the Black Fly contingent.  It is a sure thing during the month of May.  What a pain!  We welcome the breezes at the farm, and today we had something of a nice, breezy afternoon.  I had some good times with the kids, and we were able to get a few things done in the garden as well.

John and I went to our favorite garden center late morning  and came home with some tomato plants and a few herb plants.  I potted my new thyme plant, which was good.  And now we ask for: No more frost please!!!


One thought on “May days”

  1. No black flies in our part of Oregon. I do remember them from back east though! I once played at a tiny folk festival called “The Black Fly Festival”. Fortunately it did not coincide with the flies coming out.

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