The Busyness of summer

Pippi's babies having some fun
Pippi’s babies having some fun

Is beginning!  Even though it doesn’t feel like almost summer right now, 50F and drizzly and foggy.  We desperately need the rain, as the snow melt goodness has long gone.  This was probably the easiest mud season in the paddocks that I have experienced since living here.

Bones of the greenhouse
Bones of the greenhouse

Since the babies have all come and are thriving and doing well, now it’s down to business.  I spent a lot of the weekend moving green panels.  One of our greenhouses, the one that looks like dinosaur bones hanging out up on a rise, needs to come down.  The supports are sliding off the pad that John put down many years ago.  (It was never wide enough to really do the job, and as we have found to our dismay, even on a flat, hard gravel pad, the supports splay after a few years which makes the covers tear, and the zippers break, etc.).  If we put it up again, it needs to have a frame for the supports to fit into so it can’t sag with age.  I had to block it off to the goats for now as I don’t want the babies going up there and jumping over the side panels into the lower paddock, 8 -10 feet below.  I keep hoping that I can get some kind of a real building going, and soon! Have to get planning on that one and toss around for someone with knowledgeable help.  Builders we are definitely not.

I always have a list a mile long of things to accomplish over the summer, and this year is no different.  The last day of school is Friday, June 19th, and then the work begins.





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