Disbudding on a beautiful spring afternoon

Dr. Julie Greenlaw
Dr. Julie Greenlaw with our little bucky boy

Today we had another visit from the vet, and it was a beautiful afternoon for it.  Pippi’s two little Mother’s Day kids needed the disbudding treatment.  Their little horns had not sprouted as quickly as the earlier babies’ had, so we have been keeping Dr. Greenlaw posted.  Today was the day, and even then, I wasn’t sure that the little doeling was ready.  We keep tabs on how the horn buds are growing, and hers have been barely perceptible.  In the last few days, however, they did begin to blossom.

And thankfully, both were good candidates.  Dr. Greenlaw’s approach is very calm, and they get an anti-inflammatory shot and a tiny bit of sedation, plus a block around the horn buds.  No struggling and screaming is a good thing for everyone!  Then they get their tetanus anti-toxin shot, and all’s good.  We don’t put them back into the pen with the others until they are alert and ready to roll.  The doeling didn’t take long to come around from the sedation and she screamed in my ear and struggled so hard to get back to mama that I almost lost hold of her.  She is a little tiger in a goat kid’s body, that one.

I will take a walk up to see how they are doing in a little bit, and then I will be able to check off one more milestone in the spring line-up.  Things are greening up nicely now, and I have to admit that as much as I hate the heat, I am ready for it this year!  I think a lot of us are still in shock from the harshness of this past winter.  A little sweat will do us good :*)

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