Green time

Early morning in the paddocks
Early morning in the paddocks

We now have enough green on the trees and on the ground that it actually looks more like spring!  Doesn’t feel too much like spring right now (it’s in the 40s), although they are saying tomorrow might feel almost like a warm, humid day.  I love this period in spring when all the trees are a different shade of light green, some have blossoms, and some are red-budded.  Of course, my tree allergies are terrible right now, but it’s worth it for the warming up/greening up to finally be here.

Mamas and babies
Mamas and babies

Yesterday I set up some fence panels that allows the girl goatie group access to the back paddock, which is lush with all kinds of new clover and grass. The access is gated, and we only let them in there for an hour or so late yesterday afternoon.  I gave them their full morning hay and grain ration this morning, and this afternoon I let them in there again.  The babies had an awful lot of fun running down the access lane and back.  They have become a little baby herd unto themselves, finally.  I shall have to try and get a video, they are ever so cute.

Sunset from the back of the house
Sunset from the back of the house

The early morning and sunset skies have been compliantly dramatic and beautiful.  I seem to have more photos of that on my iPhone than anything else these days.  When I go back to work on Tuesday we start the big end of year countdown.  4 weeks to go, with a million things like graduation and book fairs all rolled up in there.  I am definitely enjoying the quiet of our 3 day weekend.

One thought on “Green time”

  1. Beautiful, babies and sunset! Looking forward to the baby herd video. They are so cute when they are racing around in a pack!

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