Turtle time again

Time to lay some eggs!
Time to lay some eggs!

We have rain again, and this is a good thing.  It’s Friday night and I am lazing around, listening to an audiobook and making some veggie burgers (unfortunately, they are falling apart, but they taste amazing!).

Here we are in June, and it’s turtle egg-laying time again!  The painted turtle moms are everywhere: digging in the driveway, by the back door, up by the goats.  This afternoon I walked into the hay/feed greenhouse, and there was a beautiful paint, nestled in between two of the feed cans.  I presume she was laying eggs, but with all the scrap hay and chaff around, it was difficult to see.  I went about my chore business, and she stayed there the whole time.

So round about the end of August we should be seeing tiny little turtles hauling themselves all over the property.  They say it is about a 10-week gestation, but I guess the whole thing depends upon the temperatures.  It’s an amazing and prehistoric cycle, and I think they particularly love our property as it is very sandy soil.  Maine has a lot of clay, but the front of our piece of land is more sand than clay.  And we have a little stream that runs through out back to the beaver pond, so there is a very conducive habitat for the little shelled creatures.  We love them!

Mealtime with SnowPea and Pippi's boy!
Mealtime with SnowPea and Pippi’s boy!

Ah well.  It’s been a long week.  The weekend is upon us and I am feeling relaxed.  Good to be home after the busyness of the week (we had an evening at the middle school for incoming 6th graders – book fair and other activities –  and then high school graduation night on Wednesday.  I am still not fully recuperated!).

Tomorrow my plan is to sleep-in a bit and then enjoy the beautiful weather!


2 thoughts on “Turtle time again”

  1. I have had snapping turtles nesting where I lived once back east. Loved those little turtles making their way to the pond.

    How is little Tesser these days?

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