The Hard part of farming

Marigold on the right.  Sweet girl!
Marigold on the right. Sweet girl!

While all our joy is devoted to our new Golden Guernsey does, at the same time we are dealing with a potentially devastating situation with my favorite yearling doe, Marigold.

When I got home from Vermont last Sunday afternoon, everyone was fine.  On Tuesday morning I went out to do chores about 5:20 a.m., and I found that Marigold was on the ground, pulling herself around with her front legs.  Her back end was not working, although her legs have power, but her back is not cooperating.  The classic symptoms of Meningeal Worm infestation.  (The worm goes into the spinal column and wreaks havoc with the nervous system).  My beautiful girl, strong and lovely, is struggling with a very ugly problem.

I am devastated.  We have two new Golden Guernsey does, but I have been counting on Marigold to be one of our breeding stalwarts.  Not to be, I know, but it’s a blow to the farm plan.  She is one of my favorite goats, one of the most colorful and friendly, and I am grieving for her struggle with this disease.  Those damn snails that carry the awful worm.  Aargh!  We will see how things go.  As of today she has had 5 days of the prescribed treatment, so now it is up to her and the vitamin injections.  Fingers crossed!


8 thoughts on “The Hard part of farming”

  1. Thanks. Snails do carry lungworm, but here it seems as though the meningeal worm is the bad player here (it thrives on the system of deer, which it does not affect, but passes through and lives to infect sheep and goats…).

  2. Yes, I am medicating her to the max. She has had as much medicine as she can, and now it is just a matter of time and vitamins. Fingers crossed!

  3. So Sorry about Marigold. Hope she feels better with the meds. Batty and Saffron are beautiful. We are nursing a cat with a severe fungal infection.

  4. Molly the cat does seem to be responding to the medicine. Her coat is much better and her eyes are brighter and she seems to be gaining a little weight. We still have about 50 days to go on the treatment. I give her a treat after each dose which seems to help her attitude about the whole medicine thing.

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