Welcome Batty and Saffron

The new girls - Saffron and Batty!
The new girls – Saffron and Batty!

We are finally able to announce that we have some new friends on the farm!  Saffron and Batty, our Golden Guernsey goatie girls.

I have been wanting (well, lusting after might be a better way to describe it), Golden Guernseys for at least 30 years.  I read about them way back when, and even though I adore my Lamanchas, the Golden Guernseys have been a dream that I never thought would come true.  They are smaller than most of the Alpine breeds of milk goat, have long lovely red/blond hair, and are reputed to be extremely docile and laid-back.  Getting genetics from Europe has been difficult for years because of the fear of disease transfer.  Bringing animals into the country is impossible, but sometimes the genetics can get into Canada, and then eventually over the border.

That is what happened with the Guernseys.  Channel Island goats and cows have a really wonderful reputation for being wonderful milk animals, with high butterfat ratios to the amounts of milk that they give.  I am hoping that my Guernsey/Lamancha crosses will be a winning combination.

Batty the doe
Batty the doe

Saffron and Batty are bred does.  We got them from Ardelia Farm in northern Vermont.  My friend Jane, who lives in Peacham, Vermont, and I also bought a buck to share from Ardelia.  Right now he is at her house, but hopefully soon he will be here to take care of some of our Lamancha does.  And so it goes.  New genetics on the farm!  New hope for the future of our smallholding.  It’s a new endeavor here at Ruit Farm!


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