Post-Thanksgiving weekend

New girls
New girls

I hate to say that it is Saturday night already.  Holiday weekends just seem to fly by.  Wah, wah!  It’s been a nice one, and I don’t want it to end.

We had a quiet holiday.  Tuesday afternoon around 2 PM I began feeling like I was coming down with a cold, and I hurried to do the last of the Thanksgiving shopping and get home and just veg on the sofa.  I took my Emergen-C and rested for the evening.  I don’t think I got the whole brunt of the virus, but I definitely appreciated that we weren’t going to have a ton of company and that the meal was going to be a very simple one.

So we took our feast across the street to our elderly neighbor’s house and we had a lovely, very laid-back time.  Friday was a day for catching up, sleeping in a little bit, working around, and just enjoying being home.  This morning I took a ride to a friend’s pottery studio for her “Shop Small” Saturday.  Maple Lane Pottery is one of my favorite places, and Robbi didn’t disappoint us.  I was able to enjoy visiting with her as well as finding some lovely holiday gifts.  Robbi is a very talented potter, and her animal-themed pieces are some of my favorite kitchen pieces.

Robbi had another small farm business there, Ridge Pond Farm, and it was lovely to finally meet Cari Balbo, the owner and maker of all kinds of herbal treats.  Face creams, hand and body creams, herbal tea mixes, all were as beautiful and wonderfully-scented as I imagined.  I make my own very simple hand and body creams (because I am allergic to everything!), but these are amazing concoctions and I hope her face cream is my favorite thing for a long time to come.

Marigold. Alert, but no better.
Marigold. Alert, but no better.

And so it goes.  The weekend is almost over, and I am sorry to say that our Marigold is failing.  We are going to have to make the final decision on her within the day, not that I believe there is anything to decide.  She is not getting up, and is falling behind on where her recovery should be.  She isn’t suffering yet with something like pneumonia or bloat, which could be a problem since she is not mobile, and is eating but not recovering any of her backend movement.  So that is that.  Breaking my heart, but there it is.  The ugly end of livestock farming. I will keep giving her all her little treats until it’s time to put her down.  A big loss to the future of our little farm.


2 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving weekend”

  1. Nina, I am so sorry. What a terrible and difficult loss. I’ll be thinking of you and your little farm.

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