Spring fever in December

Spring fever!
Spring fever!

I know that it’s even warmer down in the mid-Atlantic states, but 53F on December 12th is pretty unheard of around these parts!  No complaining from me, however, as I know Winter will catch up with us soon enough.  I am pleased for the skiers that it has been cold enough for the resorts to make snow, and they have also had a few precipitation events that brought snow to the mountains, leaving rain for the coast.  That’s the way I like it!  (Don’t get me wrong, I love snow.  Just not as much as we had last winter, with negative temperatures to match.  And even though I love it, I think I am still reeling from last year ).

Hose is still running
Hose is still running

We have been trying to make the most out of this weather, and did quite a bit of outside work yesterday.  My biggest pleasure of all:  the hose that comes out of a dug-well that we use to water the animals, is still running!  Usually by this time we are wrestling gerry cans of water into the tractor and driving them up.  What a treat!  We did get enough cold weather in the past two weeks that I had set up the tank heater in the big trough, and plugged in the 16 gallon heated buckets in the other two pens.  Yesterday I scrubbed all the tanks, all the feeders, and Sam got the inside of the greenhouse cleaned out, on the large girl’s group side.  Lots of stuff got checked off of our list!

What a sky
What a sky

It still feels like an early spring morning out there today.  It even smells earthy and fresh.  The girls are being very frisky and flying around the paddock like they are kids, too.  The big rock is covered in flecks of mud, there has been so much frolicking going on.

lit treeToday I must do some baking and present-putting together.  Sam got the lights on the tree, and that is where we have stalled out.  Gotta get going on that as the grandboy is anxiously awaiting Grampy’s train set around the bottom.  I think we have our work cut out for us! Hope everyone out there is enjoying their Sunday as well!


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