Pippi’s big day

Pippi leaving in the back of my Forester
Pippi leaving in the back of my Forester

Or rather, date!  Yes, our breeding woes have gotten us so far that we really have no other option than to get the girls we want bred to a buck off the farm, one we know and trust,  for breeding.  And of course, yesterday late in the afternoon when I was just (finally!) getting my garlic planted, I looked over to see Pippi behaving rather peculiarly.  Jumping on all the smaller girls, and just generally being a loud nuisance.  And her tail was flagging madly, so I knew right away that we had a live one in heat.

We are down to not many options, so I went in and called our friends at a farm in Friendship, and the date was made. But because we do not have a cap on our truck, my husband needed to take my car, and I was left hitching a ride to work from my son.  As complicated as the day felt, almost everything went to plan.

My one miscalculation was in the set up.  I had to get Pippi separated from the rest of the girls before I went to work.  (The goats aren’t stupid, they know when the two men are coming at them that something is up!).  I have a permanent “catch pen” where I feed them their grain everyday, so at a moment’s notice, I can grab any one of those crafty buggers.  But since it was going to be another few hours before John would load her up and take off, I didn’t want her in the pen alone, to get all worked up and crazy.  So I made sure to leave both of her daughters in with her.  Apparently Beezus, the sweet brown yearling goat, didn’t think much of that plan.  When the men went out to load Pippi up, they found that Beezus had tried to jump the high galvanized 4X4″ grid fence.  At least her front feet were on the ground, but both her back feet were caught in the fence, higher than her head.  They got her out and she was very shaken up.  No broken bones, but a giant loss of equilibrium for awhile and she still seems to have some aches and pains.  Sheesh.  It’s like we can’t get through a week without at least one goat disaster.  No, not true, it just feels like that recently.

I gave Beezus the Jumper an anti-inflammatory and she is fine tonight.  When my son went out to check on things a little while ago, she ran away from him and hid behind Big Zelda.  I hope she continues to do okay.

Pippi takes everything in stride!
Pippi takes everything in stride!

Pippi was totally herself tonight, in spite of the ride in the car and her meet up with Romeo.  Our friend’s bucks are both experienced and efficient, so it wasn’t even that big an outing.  I am sure that Pippi had a grand time, she always makes the best of her opportunities :*)


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