New boy on the farm

Redo our new buckling
Redo our new buckling

Back in the fall when I headed out to Vermont to pick up the two new Golden Guernsey does, our friend Jane and I bought a GG  buckling from Ardelia Farm as well.  Jane kept him as she was planning on breeding earlier than I was, and we were counting on making the switch in December.

Well, farming being what it is, things did not go as planned!   It ended up not being much of an issue as it appears Reddog is not quite mature enough to be interested in the girls.  Sigh.  One more complication in the breeding plan.  But, we finally had the opportunity to make a handover on Sunday.  Jane and I live 200 miles apart, so we met in the middle, in Bethel, Maine.  After the snow on Saturday, Sunday was a brilliant blue and white day.  A neighbor of ours in Round Pond was also meeting Jane, so we caravanned over.  It was a beautiful day for a drive, and with a few mis-turns, we made Bethel earlier than we thought we would.  We had a lovely visit standing in the parking lot of the Good Food Store on Route 2, and had a lovely barbecue sandwich from the food truck in the lot.  Then we headed home.

Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive.  Going toward the White Mountains and Mount Washington was quite a toot, and we had a great day.  Little Reddog the Golden Guernsey buckling traveled well.  Unfortunately, after it looked as though the big group of girls were going to accept him, if a little hesitantly, they ganged up on him yesterday afternoon.  We had been watching the group dynamics pretty carefully, and even though he tried to run under everyone’s radar, it didn’t work.  We had to pen him so the girls would not beat him up and push him out of the greenhouse into the screaming wind and single digit temperatures.  Maybe they will get a little less hostile by the end of the week.  At least he is out of the wind and eating well.  Hopefully he is one of the breed bucks of the future!  He just needs some time to grow into himself :*)


4 thoughts on “New boy on the farm”

  1. i appreciate this post SO MUCH because it’as all not pretty with Goats.
    They have their own Ways of things. So many blogs just don’t post about that. So, Thank You, so much for this…it’s how it goes. and in time, they will welcome him, but only in their own time. thank you

  2. Yes, it is true. Every situation is different, and it takes some time to work with each one. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if it were summertime, but with 30 mph winds and low temps, it becomes a big deal!

  3. Farming is learning and adjusting every step of the way. What worked last time may not this and who knows about the next time. I am sure your girls will allow the new fellow in….when they get good and ready.

  4. Thanks, Jackie! I know. In another week or so it’s going to warm up quite well, and at that point I will give it another try. Always a work in progress!

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