Week of wind

Redo, our little buck
Reddog, our little buck

Finally I think it may be abating.  It’s been a bitter week, with gale force winds blowing constantly.  Our greenhouses are okay, but the gable ends always need some help.  I have been trying to get some panels of plywood setup on the ends, but until then, we set up some new tarps.  Windbreaks.  They are what keep everything equal here.

Cold weather is cold weather, and our goats are used to being in the cold.  They grow amazing, beautiful thick coats.  Cold is cold, but the wind just takes it out of them (and me!).  So windbreaks are the most important thing.  Little Reddog is in his pen with a tarp on one of the dividers.  He has a lot of straw, and is comfy.  The girls all crowd together and have a good tuck in, in the area next to Reddog.  I fed them inside all this week because of the wind.  I hate doing that, they should be out and about, but I can’t force them to use up all their daily calories in order to stay outside and eat!

Tarps are some of our windbreaks
Tarps are some of our windbreaks

And so it goes.  Winter is really here.  The snow that’s on the ground is squeaky under foot and everything is dry.  With the moon almost full out in the mornings, it’s just gorgeous out there.  But we can’t forget our woolies!  Winter and wind have arrived.  But the daylight is coming back to us now as well, so it’s not so difficult :*)


6 thoughts on “Week of wind”

  1. Reddog is a handsome little buck!

    Relatives in northern NJ reported 1 1/2 feet of snow last night. Out here in our part of western Oregon it has been quite grey and rainy. We are out of the drought period now, at least in this area. Even the gopher holes are flooding.

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