February is flying

Paddock rock in the snow
Paddock rock in the snow

We really seem to have winter now.  Two snowstorms have left us with a bit of snow on the ground, and the temperatures are going to be dropping like an avalanche over the weekend.  But it’s already almost the middle of February, so I am hoping that there can’t be too much horrible stuff left.  Or at least we can hope!

This past weekend turned out to be a crazy one.  Had to drive to North Jersey and pickup John’s brother’s truck.  We have been having issues with our elderly F-350, and my brother in law does not drive anymore, so his F-250 was languishing there.  It’s far from being a new truck, but it appears to be in pretty decent working order.   The local roads were not great on Saturday morning when we set out, but after we got onto the highway it got better.  7 hours in the car is long, no matter how you slice it.  We got the truck running, visited with my father in law,  and by late afternoon we crashed at a hotel.  I didn’t sleep very well, but we got up and turned around to come back north.  John left before I did (I needed to make a run for some real NY bagels!) and we leap-frogged all the way home.  He had to deal with a couple of small issues along the way, and we passed each other and met up a couple of times as well.  Phew!  So glad to be home in laid-back coastal Maine, out of that mess of traffic in the NY area.

Winter light
Winter light

On the way back I listened to the last book in one of my favorite series of all times.  I love Terry Pratchett’s books in general, but my favorite series-within-a-series is the Tiffany Aching young adult group.  (Wee Free Men; A Hat Full of Sky; Wintersmith; I Shall Wear Midnight; and The Shepherd’s Crown).  The Shepherd’s Crown is the last book that Terry wrote before he died in 2015.  The books take place in Discworld, but it’s about Tiffany Aching as she becomes the Hag of the Hills (the most powerful witch of The Chalk).  And the little blue Wee Free Men are my faves.  Even if you prefer reading books to listening to them, it’s worth a little listen to Stephen Briggs’ narration, because he really gives life to the characters, particularly to the Wee Free Men.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I didn’t want it to end, but that’s the way it goes.  In another year or two I can go back and listen to them again.

The audio definitely helped get me home.  I have to tune up another audiobook to keep me on task with my quilt piecing :*)   And it’s only two more days until our winter break, so it’s all good.


4 thoughts on “February is flying”

  1. Yes. My husband is always saying: “Well, this is the last February 9th that you will have to get up at 4 a.m. and leave at 6:15!” So it kind of is that way.

    It is bittersweet. But it’s time, I am not regretting anything.

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