Here’s to hoping the Siberian Blast is over

SnowPea is a nosy noodle!
SnowPea is a nosy noodle!

Winter break is here and I am enjoying it to the max!  We had our grandson for the past 3 days which was a lot of fun.  The only downside to the last few days was the weather, with temperatures in the negative numbers overnight, and a lot of wind.  That seems to have passed, and we are looking at rain/snow/ice tonight, and temperatures close to 45F tomorrow.  Wacko.  We will see how that works out.

Battie's window on the world.
Battie’s window on the world.

I have some visits scheduled this week with some old friends, and I am loving the non-stressful days.  The goats have come through the really painful cold spell and wind, and are doing okay.  I am monitoring Battie the Golden Guernsey very carefully, as she is possibly due to kid in a few weeks.  We do not have a firm timeline on this, but I am making sure to put hands on her udder, belly and back near her tail every day, at least twice.  (I have seen some baby activity, which is very exciting!)  So we are taking as many precautions as we can.  Toward the end of the week i need to put a kidding pen together for the big event.  I am hoping I do not have to begin making those midnight check-ins too soon!

Reddog is the man!
Reddog is the man!

And on another note, it looks as though Reddog the Golden Guernsey buckling is feeling his male oats.  Sassafrass, one of SnowPea’s 2015 twins, was in heat two days ago, and he seemed to be performing his buckley duties.  I definitely have the date on my calendar!


4 thoughts on “Here’s to hoping the Siberian Blast is over”

  1. I know that look that Battie has…and Yes, the kidding pen…take
    good pics, ok?
    Reddog, reviewing/rerunning it all in his Goatly mind, realizing
    that he has become a herd sire,

  2. Yes, we will take lots of photos. I keep hoping to get a good video of babies being born, but the lighting is not usually very conducive!

    I hope Reddog is also shooting good stuff and not blanks! He smells musky and like a boy goat, but he hasn’t done any peeing on his face or legs. Maybe that’s just a maturity thing!

  3. yes…shooting good stuff….i had somehow naively just assumed that it would be a rare thing for a buck to not have the good stuff. And he
    IS young, so….might not mean anything i guess if he didn’t breed
    them this time. The beauty Full SunnyRay that is honeymooning
    over the way with 2 does here, might have not bred them…it’s still
    in question in this moment. But he’s 3 and fully into the stink face
    routine, the blathering, etc. To face the fact that he might be
    sterile is hard. His father, the old man Gideon here, sired many.
    Comes from a long line of great Nigerians. So…i’m hoping for
    the best with SR.

  4. I hope that he does do well for the does! You never do know, but I have never had a buck let me down yet, even young ones. This year was a real head-scratcher!

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