Sunday workday

Battie the Golden Guernsey goat mugs for the camera
Battie the Golden Guernsey goat mugs for the camera

The last day of winter break turned out to be the most gentle and almost-springlike.  It was at least 45F, and for a lot of the day the sun was very generous.  It felt extremely good to be outside working.

We are not really sure when our Golden Guernsey goat Battie is due to kid, but we were told that she could be ready sometime around the end of February or the beginning of March.  She has a tiny bit of an udder started, but not much yet.  I am checking every day!  But, if she is due by the end of this week, we need to have a bona fide kidding pen/jug clean and ready.  We got a tiny bit of a start on it late this past week, but most of that was just for planning purposes.

Kidding pen from the Golden Guernsey's side
Kidding pen from the Golden Guernsey’s side

I have a very “flexible” setup in the livestock greenhouse, which has its pros and cons.  Good that it can be re-configured as our needs change, but it always seems to me that I am recreating the wheel!  It’s exhausting sometimes.  I have two separate groups of does and something I have been wanting to do for a few years is to have a pen that spans both sides of the greenhouse, so it can be in use from either side.  (Which necessitated the removal of some median heavy, galvanized panels.  I could only consider it if I had a lot of help, and my son has the brawn and the youth to help with that!).  The dividing panels have been pretty sunken into the dirt floor for a few years now, so it was something i have not been successful with on my own.  But today we managed it!  My girls are due to kid at such different times that I really only need 1 jug this year.  They will all take their turns, from one side, or the other.

Pen from the side
Pen from the side

One of the most important things we need to take care of in our climate are windbreaks in the greenhouse.  The gable ends are mostly open, which can be an issue.  So I have gotten some plywood and we managed to get some in place.  It definitely will help me to get a better night’s sleep, as I think we are in pretty good shape right now.

From the Lamancha girls' side
From the Lamancha girls’ side

Tomorrow I have to sort out my birthing box!


2 thoughts on “Sunday workday”

  1. i guess the first try got lost.
    Even tho its repetitious, I really think having it so that it can change
    with need is Great. Even if you think in any given moment that
    needs won’t change…they end up changing with Goats…..
    Why do you keep the does separate? I assume the two breeds,
    but why?

  2. Hi Grace! When we brought the new does home (bred), they were beyond the time when they should be jostled about and punched around. My Lamancha does are pretty big, and two of them are quite the fighters and belly whackers. I didn’t want to jeopardize mixing the two groups until after the kids are born. I have lost babies to head butting and don’t want to go there! I am sure the two groups will combine well in the future. I have been dreaming about it, in fact :*)

    The Golden Guernseys are quite a bit more petite than my Lamancha girls, so for the time being, they are not mixing. I have big plans for the summer, though!

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