Checking in

There is definitely something going on!
There is definitely something going on!

This past two weeks have been busy, busy, busy, and in the middle of it all the cold I thought I was getting over, got worse.  Such is life at the end of February and the beginning of March.

Last weekend was a wild one, however.  I had a blast at the NETA Spa Knit and Spin in Freeport.  I help out with the organizational side, so we were over there before the vendors got there to set up at the Hilton Garden, and left as they were leaving on Sunday morning.  Quite a few of the ladies in my spinning group were there, and we all had a great time (knitting, swimming, hanging out, shopping, napping, reading, swimming.  You get the idea!)  The Fashion Show on Saturday evening was great, as always.  People are so darn creative and get so much done from one year to the next that it blows my mind.  It would have been much more enjoyable if I had not lost my voice by Saturday morning, but these things happen (emceeing the fashion show was a challenge!).  Flickr feed photos of the weekend are here.  (More photos will continue to be added).

Battie the licker
Battie the licker

Battie the Golden Guernsey goat is still not looking close to kidding yet.  We have added in a late night check so they will be used to seeing us out there at all times of the day and night, but this is crazy-making.  By the time the kids are born, we will be dragging with exhaustion!  It’s always the way.  A friend who breeds angora goats recommended that we get a baby monitor.  Our setup is almost 300 feet from the house, but I may give it a try.  It won’t replace the visual checks, but it sure would be a help in the wee hours if something gets going.  We shall see.  I can’t wait to welcome those little goaties (or goatie), but I do wish she might wait long enough for the much warmer weather that is forecast for the coming week.  It’s bitter cold with a mind-numbing windchill right now and through tomorrow.  She will do what she will do, but we can hope!

We got home, eventually
We got home, eventually

Then this past Tuesday afternoon my son and I drove up to get a load of hay in the new/used truck.  Everything went well to begin with.  It was the first time I had driven it and I enjoyed being able to get in much more easily than into the old truck .  On the way home down Route 1, however, we had a blowout.  Back tire was just rotted from sitting for a few years.  The men had all examined them before we drove the truck home, but after a little bit of use, I think the tire just breathed its last.  It was quite cold, and sitting in the truck waiting for the flatbed, I definitely got chilled.  But we got home.  The tow truck driver was a great guy, and all is well.  Thank you, AAA!  New tires on the list, maybe for this week.  I hope.

The only other thing that has happened in the past week or so is that I finally got up to the Maine State Employees Retirement people and filled out all my pension paperwork.  It’s official!  As an already retired friend of mine said, it was a little anticlimactic; she felt as though she should have had to sign her name in a huge, leather-bound book with gilt-edged pages.  Just some IRS forms and a few others, and that was that.  The end of a career and the beginning of a new chapter in life.

Can’t wait!



5 thoughts on “Checking in”

  1. Congratulations on the upcoming retirement, and that is a beautiful lineup of goaties!

    Daffodils have been blooming here since the end of January. Spring is well underway here in Western Oregon.

  2. I envy you the daffodils, although it was so warm a few weeks ago some of my coworkers were showing photos of crocuses coming up. Glad you folks are feeling the Spring!

  3. Nina, the spa knit and spin sounds so fun! Glad you got to go.

    I hear you about signing the papers for retirement and how anti climatic it is. I have felt this way several times in life, like turning in my last paper as an undergrad, finishing teaching for a school year I was not returning to, that kind of thing. Somehow, I expected balloons and parades, but as an introvert, I am not sure I would have enjoyed it anyway!

    A baby monitor or even a video monitor for the goats is a great idea! You may want to see if a video/Cramer set up for wildlife (at Cabelas, maybe?) is cheaper or more up to the job. Get all the sleep you can! It is worth it.

    On a totally different topic….my guys have recently discovered a beautiful cartoon called Stella and Sam, and it is done by the children’s book writer/illustrator, Marie-Louise Gay. It is so beautiful to watch! I assume you know all about this author, I am just beginning to celebrate her work. 🙂

    Take care! Stay warm! Joanne

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  4. Hi Joanne,
    I know the books Stella and Sam, but am not aware that it was made into a cartoon! Wow. Should be a good one. My grandson is almost 7 so I guess I missed that one.

    I definitely know what you mean about being in the limelight. I am not very comfortable with that either. I can do public speaking, etc., but I’ve never been comfortable in a “it’s for me” party type thing.

    Still waiting for babies!

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