Waiting for Battie

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When we bought Battie from Ardelia Farm last fall, she was bred.  We didn’t have any hard and fast due date, but they thought that she might be due the end of February, or the very beginning of March.  Well, needless to say, she did not have any kids at the end of February!

I was obsessive about checking her udder development, and in the last few days we did see some development.  We checked her around the clock, losing quite a bit of sleep, but every day she went up to the feeder and kept at it, never exhibiting any behavior that would indicate she was in labor.

Last night I was at a friend’s house helping out with a sick lamb, and didn’t get home until the wee hours, which are way past my usual bedtime.  And this morning everything looked fine, and i had to go to a meeting up in Searsport, an hour from here.  My son was on the job, and almost at midday, I got the phone call.  Battie is pushing and i can’t see anything outside of a water bag!

Everything turned out okay.  Battie was a champ, and had her baby all by herself, and was only really in active labor for about a half hour.  She is a first-timer, and had a single.  A beautiful doe!  She was up and about in a short time, and a friend of ours came by to see that everything was going correctly, as my son has never seen a birth before.  It all worked out well.  Our girl is a 7 pounder, and quite the independent spirit!  She is a beauty.

Our first Golden Guernsey born on the farm!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for Battie”

  1. O! Oh, Yay, oh JOY! There is Nothing like the birth of a Goat…
    the earnestness of the doe and the burst of exuberance of the kid…
    and a doeling. YES. this is just the BEST!

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