March is flying

Battie is pretty sure something big has just happened!
Battie is pretty sure something big has just happened! (That, or she is modeling for a look-alike on Munch’s “The Scream”)

It’s always the way.  The first lambs or kids get all the attention.  We have been spending a lot of time out in the greenhouse with our new little one.  She is a sturdy little bugger!  She’s getting to that hoppity stage and is even cuter than the day she was born and had a bent ear (the ear fixed itself).

52Yesterday we made the jug twice the size it was, and now she has more room to hop.  She is loving every new encounter, and is a delight.  I have not been obsessive about weighing her, but when I did yesterday, she had gained a solid 2.5 lbs in 4 days.  Her belly is always full when I check on them, and she most usually has milky-mouth, which is also a good sign!

atomiccityI have been home for a few days with a three week old cold that turned into pneumonia.  I thought the cold was just pushing my asthma to rebel, but that obviously wasn’t the case.  I am feeling a little better today, but the antibiotics are harsh.  Eating my yogurt is helping.  It’s also given me some uninterrupted time for catching up on some reading.  I just finished The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan.  It’s a very detailed look at what life was like in the secrecy of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, while uranium was being enriched for the Manhattan Project and the town and enriching plants were being built as they went.  I would have loved to have been present for many of the interviews that the author was able to do with so many of the women who went to work there in 1942/43, many of whom are still there, in their late 80s and early 90s now.  Amazing.  As much as I hate nuclear weapons, and don’t even support nuclear energy, their stories are amazing.  I love reading about how women have coped and triumphed throughout history, even without being given much credit.  I highly recommend it!

SnowPea butts in
SnowPea butts in

Right now I am working on my spreadsheet for the rest of the kidding season.  We are all over the calendar with these girls, but I don’t really think anyone else is due until early May.  (Although I don’t have a real date on Saffron, so she is going to be largely guesswork just like Battie.)

I still have not formulated what name our new girl is living up to.  Hopefully she will make it clear soon!


10 thoughts on “March is flying”

  1. Hope you are feeling better. We were just in eastern TN for a week in a mountain cabin. My husband pointed out Oakridge as we drove through and told me what it was. What a coincidence! I will look for this book at my public library. Battie’s new kid is precious.

  2. Thanks, I am beginning to feel better. Isn’t it funny that you just drove past Oak Ridge! I always knew that Oak Ridge had something to do with nuclear science, but I never realized how it got started. It’s fascinating. I saw on the author’s website that they are using the book research to jump off and make a documentary. I hope they have lots of these ladies’ interviews. I am going to have to remember to watch for it!

  3. Feel better, Nina! It has been such a bad year for these illnesses. My uncle is just about your age, I would guess, and works in Boston, MA. He got pneumonia too this winter (along with some other ailments) and has had to work from home and I think finally just decided to retire this summer…this health stuff sure can get you down!

    I also love women’s social history books, so I share your enthusiasm there. I sure wish we were part of the same spinning group or something! (Although sadly, I hardly get to read whole books these days or go out to fibery activities. My husband has a very heavy work load just now and my twins are reliant on me first….thank goodness for preschool!)

    Take care! Refuah shlemah. Joanne Sent from my iPad


  4. Thanks, Joanne! I know how it is with the preschooler thing. You will get back to doing more reading. Actually, the only way I had a chance to read a book of this length in a reasonable amount of time is that I was home sick!

    I also wish that we lived closer! Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope he is doing better now. I know that I will be able to take care of myself so much better after I retire in June. Getting older has been something of a shocker!

  5. Feel better soon! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Both my husband and I got those terrible colds that wouldn’t let go this winter. They never developed into pneumonia, but what we had was bad enough.

    Buttercup is a great name for that little goatie.

  6. Thanks, Lavinia. Everyone at work had the cold for weeks and weeks, which is why I didn’t go to the doctor sooner. I think Buttercup is a great name, but our little one ended up being named Betsy!

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