Spring is here, so is the snow

Betsy loves her mama's food!
Betsy loves her mama’s food!

Monday snow day!  2nd day of Spring, gotta love it.  Our new little doeling is doing very well, and has found her name, Betsy.  She is a corker, and yesterday evening Sam caught her on the wrong side of the paddocks, and had to get her back to her mama.  None of the girls were hysterical (yet), and apparently SnowPea and Pippi had her corralled and were keeping her away from the others, so she was not in any danger at that point (SnowPea and Pippi are awesome mothers, and I think they had already acquainted themselves through the green panels).  Betsy seemed very unabashed, but was happy to be back on the other side, with Battie.  We plugged what we think are the two areas she may have gotten through, and everyone was where they are supposed to be this morning.  It’s always a work in progress!

Snow day skies
Snow day skies

On the other hand, things had not been going too well for the past few days with another goat.  We knew that Saffron was a little depressed at being separated from Battie for 5 days, but there was something else going on as well.  I had begun to treat her for pregnancy toxemia, and she was showing no signs of perking up.  Friday she ate, but with no great enthusiasm, and Saturday was not much better.  We were dosing her with caprine Nutridrench, which has all kinds of good things in it, and  giving her vitamin B shots as well.  I was getting ready to get out the straight Propylene Glycol, because  Sunday morning she was standing in the corner with her ears down, not paying attention to anything.  We got some Nutridrench into her, and when I came back a few minutes later, I could see that she was having labor contractions, and that explained it all.  This is about 6 weeks too early for her to have kids from her breeding with Oreo (she came to us already bred, and then lost her pregnancy after she got here, so then was bred by our buck).

Saffron is up
Saffron is up

Well, it wasn’t pretty.  A very beautifully formed little buck who had absolutely not a speck of hair on him was stillborn.  He was breach, and it kind of freaked me out when it wasn’t coming, because all I could feel was a rat-like tail in there.  And so she (and we) had quite a day.  After the baby came, we were waiting and waiting for the placenta, and when it started to pass it was totally clear, as though she were having another kid.  It was quite the process, and I am happy to say that this morning she looked almost like her old self.  She is interested in what’s going on, and appeared to be interested in food again early today.  This afternoon her temperature was down and I could not get her to eat.  About an hour ago I was putting some fresh straw into the pen and she dove right in and began stuffing her face… all the wonderful 2nd cut hay that she has, and this is what she wants?  I don’t get it!  And after some of the straw I got her to drink quite a bit of warm water.  The sun is just beginning to go down now, and the vet has just told me to put her back in with Battie and Betsy, which will definitely be a warmer option.  I will have to keep checking on her as night falls.  We may have to put a coat on her.

Battie and Betsy frolicking in the snow.
Battie and Betsy frolicking in the snow.

We will continue giving her antibiotics and vitamin B, and hopefully there is nothing inherently wrong with her plumbing that she can’t keep a fetus to full term.  (I would like to believe that she lost her fist pregnancy back in the fall due to the stress of traveling here from Vermont, at a crucial time in her gestation).  I guess we will see next year.

So I got the gift of a snow day and it was perfect timing.  I needed to recuperate from the stress of the accumulated weekend events, continue getting over the pneumonia, and try and tend to Saffron as well.

Catching some rays
Catching some rays

The best thing about yesterday turned out to be the sun: while waiting on Saffron, in-between taking her temperature and checking to make sure things were progressing, we got to work around the farm during the middle of the day, and even caught some relaxed rays for awhile.  The temperature and wind were cold, but the sun was spectacular!  I’m glad she chose yesterday for the Big Deal.  Thank you, Saffron.  You are a sweet, gentle girlie, and you need to get all better for us  :*)


7 thoughts on “Spring is here, so is the snow”

  1. Goats, break your heart because of their personalities you know when something is amiss but can not always find the right cure. May Saffron be back to herself soon.

  2. that last pic….Earthing…YES….it replenishes. Stillborn…such a
    graphic word for an event that is like no other….i so much lucked
    out with all that were born here that first year and since had to
    see that…one time…a stillborn from accidental breeding between
    two too young ones that i’d never imagined, but the little doeling was
    exquisite, tricolor, totally “finished”, just dead. I think it might be
    the saddest moment i have ever had….trying to breath her alive
    but she was gone…..
    i send goodness to Saffron to all at Ruit Farm

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