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The Kitchens Garden blog, written daily by Cecila, has put out a challenge to her readers for us to show our writing work spaces.  Very quickly, here are my two spots.

Workspace #1
Workspace #1

On the main floor of our house, I usually write while sitting on the sofa near my houseplant-covered coffee table (trunk).  My grandson loves sitting here with me and so we have Winnie the Pooh and the Singing Goat here as well.

Upstairs space
Upstairs space

And then my upstairs workspace is a very messy desk. I don’t work there as often, so it tends to get a little cluttery!

So that is my writing workspace.    Mostly my workspace is outside with the goaties!

Messy desk
Messy desk

12 thoughts on “Work spaces”

  1. Looks like some happy writing can be done there. I think I could be inspired by all the goats as well or the grandson if I’d had one. 🙂 Very cozy.

  2. I always find these work space thingees sort of weird. Like, is this a way to evaluate how tidy you are? How much you clean up for the photo? Does one’s work space indicate anything about what is actually written? (I doubt it, in my case.) I mean, I am sitting here on my office futon, surrounded by rags that I am in the middle of tearing up to crochet into a basket, and some mending to be done, and a whole lot of throw pillows that were in the way. Luckily, none of it seems to have anything to do with my op-eds about accessibility in schools or whatever. 🙂

  3. PS: Your writing spaces look really nice! (esp. the one with the grandson’s toys) Please forgive me if my earlier comment sounded at all critical…it’s more of a commentary on me and my mess than your clean bright space!

  4. No, I don’t think that Celia from The KitchensGarden meant it in that way at all, Joanne. I did not move even one item when I took the photos (well, I picked up a crumpled tissue that was lurking on the floor) and I think it was her way of including her blog readers in her constant state of change, which is frequently how things go at our house! It was amazing to get a glimpse into so many blogger’s creative areas. I think we are just all doing what we can do without any special setups, which is nice to know!

  5. Oh, ok, I must have misunderstood! …in the past, I participated in these “what does your writing space/office look like” on my blog or elsewhere and I felt this huge need to clean up first! I never moved a dog out of the picture or anything, but I guess I have a natural tendency towards clutter in the first place. 🙂

  6. I am a totall clutter fiend. I try to keep things in order, but I feel like the minute I walk away from a space, everything in it conspires against me and messes itself up again. Our other big problem is that we designed our timber frame house, and some of the areas we had designated for closets and storage spaces were nixed by the plumber. Therefore we have 1 small closet in the hallway and a closet in our bedroom. And the whole house is an open-type plan, so everything we own is pretty much on display! It does make things interesting :*)

  7. Your downstairs sofa spot would suit me best 🙂 And isn’t clutter, by definition, having everything you need at hand? Can’t see a thing wrong with any of your spaces!

  8. Thanks! I also love the sofa area, and my grandson and I share it as much as possible!

    I also love finding all of you lovely bloggers through The KitchensGarden as well. I like your definition of clutter, Kate!

  9. I love how your photos and space tell a story of an interesting busy life. I like a balance beteewn useful clutter and functionality 🙂

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